About Transinet VTC

Transinet VTC Is A Fun Relaxed Virtual Truck Company Active On TruckersMP. The Discord Server Is more Like A 2nd Family To Alot Of The 20+ Drivers We Have But Still Growing Rapidly. We Have Weekly Convoy On Wednesday Which There Growing Slowly. We Are Always Looking For New Drivers To Join Transinet. We Do Offer Free DLC To The Driver Of The Month There Is Two Ways Off Earning The DLC’S One Is Coming First On Real Mode On TruckBook The Other Way Is Coming First On Race Mode On The TruckBook. If You Are Looking To Join Go To The Apply Here.

We Are looking Forward To Meeting You!


Company Requirements

Drivers Rules

All Drivers Should Respectful To Each Other In The VTC. If You Have Any VTC Issue Please Massage Your Driver Manager. Drivers Must Complete (1242Mi/2000Km Every Month To Be Deemed Active! And Must Not Use The Calais-Duisburg Road When On Truckbook/Vtlog!

2.Game Tags
Members Off The VTC Must Use This Game Tag At All Times


3.Convoys Rules
When On A Convoy You Must Wear The Transinet Paint Job. This Mean No Coming In Your Own Colours! Drivers Must Attend To 1 Transinet Convoy A Month/ 1 Other Convoy!

4. Drivers Free Time
Drivers Are Allowed To Use There Own Skin When Logging Jobs And Hanging Around With Drivers.

Transinet 6 Month Anniversary

•DLC: Needed: Vivi la France, Italia
•Departure: Bastia
•Destination: Cagliari
•Server : To Be Confirmed!

•Meet Up Around:5.30pm
•Truckfest Starts: 6.00pm
•Prizes announced: 6.30pm
•Collect trailers: 6.45pm
•Leaving At 7.00pm

Time Zone Are In British Standard Time

DLC Giveaway

•Most Drivers In VTC
•Best Looking VTC 
•Best Public Truck
•Best Save Edit Truck
•Best Parking, Display

Become A Patreon?

If You would Like To Show Support To Transinet You Can Do So By Heading To Patreon Where You Can Recieve Exclusive Gifts/Benefits.

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