Hello and welcome everyone to Transinet’s 6 month Anniversary, On 9th December 2020, we are celebrating 6th months of being a VTC. When we started we didn’t even think that we would grow to the size we have, we have 20+ active Drivers in our VTC. We Host regular convoys weekly on wednesday, and we attend lots of other convoys,

We are inviting you to join us in Bastia!  There will be Truckfest and a Convoy. To ensure we achieve an event server and if you want to attend please let us know by going onto ETS2C link shown at the bottom of the post and mark your attendance.  We would like to invite the whole community to come and join us to celebrate this milestone. We hope to see you there!

>——————————–{Convoy Information}——————————–<

•DLC: Needed: Vivi la France, Italia
•Departure: Bastia
•Destination: Cagliari
•Server : To Be Confirmed!

•Meet Up Around:5.30pm
•Truckfest Starts: 6.00pm
•Prizes announced: 6.30pm
•Collect trailers: 6.45pm
•Leaving At 7.00pm

Time Zone Are In British Standard Time

>——————————–{DLC Giveaway’s}——————————–<

•Most Drivers In VTC
•Best Looking VTC 
•Best Public Truck
•Best Save Edit Truck
•Best Parking, Display